All About Wish Trees

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What is a wish tree? Well, a wish tree is a tree that you leave an object on that holds your wish. You can learn a few interesting things about wish trees on this website.

Now, you’re probably thinking, where did they get ‘wish trees’ from? Well, KraftyKiera read, yet, another interesting book! This book was called Wishtree. Find out more about Wishtree at this link.

This book was interesting, fascinating, humorous, and definitely a page-turner! I had a great time reading this book and hope that you also try reading this book!

Wishtree is about a Wise Old Tree (two hundred and sixteen rings exactly) named Red who thinks he has seen everything, until he becomes ‘an official crime scene’. An immigrant named Samar and her family move into Red’s neighborhood just to find that they are unwanted in this new country. Samar and the boy next door end up saving Red’s life after he had a slip-up and gave away to much history.

The reason we’re making this post though, is that we are going to pick out a really good tree from around our house to make our own wishes on. The things you might put on a wish tree are listed in the book I read and here are some examples:

  • Tags
  • Rags
  • Note cards on a string
  • A piece of fabric
  • Pretty much anything you can write on

What you do is you write your wish on whatever, and put it on the tree. It can be on a branch, in a hollow, it just has to be attached to the tree. Your wish can be anything. There are no rules. The wish tree is not a Genie. I won’t tell you that you’ve only three wishes and you can’t wish for more.

Here’s an example of a real-life wish tree: link. 

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