Deb Caletti

20190303-_DSC1404Deb Caletti Is an award-winning, local author. I had no clue who she was until she came to my school.

So, at my school there’s this little club/extra curricular activity called Distinguished Readers. Every Friday, during lunch, all of the Distinguished Readers go to the library to eat lunch, talk, and keep track of the books we’re reading. By the end of the year we have to have read at least ten books. At the end of my first year of Distinguished Readers, we were all invited to the auditorium to listen to a local author give a speech. That ‘local author’ was Deb Caletti! She gave a humorous, relatable speech about her life, and how she became an author. It was very interesting. After she gave her speech, we were given certificates as we walked on the stage to shake her hand.

After all that, Barnes & Noble was there selling three of her books. I chose Stay. There was a line to get your book signed by Deb Caletti, so I got mine signed! When I got to the front of the line with my mom, as she was signing my book, she tried to make conversation with me, but I was starstruck! I remembered all of the times that I had embarrassed myself in front of adults, so I figured that if I stayed quiet, nothing bad would happen. So, as she talked to me and my mom, I just gave smiles and the occasional, ‘oh’ and ‘wow’. Depending on what she said of course. But in the end, I realized that staying quiet had embarrassed me just as I had feared.

What I really like about Deb Caletti’s books is that I can relate to the story like no other. Most of the books I read, I can’t relate to in almost any way. But in these books, I can relate. I know how the characters feel. I understand more. What’s really fun about reading, is that no matter what you’re reading, there’s always a new surprise. That surprise is what makes every book unique in it’s own way. That’s part of why I loved reading Deb Caletti’s books. If there was something in the book you didn’t know, she would toss the answer at you when you least expect it.

After reading Stay, the next book I read that was by Deb Caletti was her most recent work of art: A Heart in a Body in the World. Both books were very interesting, and I look forward to the next Deb Caletti book I stumble upon.

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