My Favorite Books


So, you’re probably wondering, what is this picture? Well this is a picture of some of my personal favorites! There’s quite a mixture here- Deb Caletti, Brian Selznick, Diane Schewmm, Kelly Barnhill, and Kathrine Applegate. I love these books so much! They’re filled with love, imagination, life, fun, feelings, and magic. I’m gonna make a few more individual blog posts about each of them, and a few of my other favorites. I have a friend who once said saying you have a favorite book is just like saying you have a favorite best friend. She’s a true bookworm.

I put these books because I love the style that each author uses. Brian Selznick draws the most amazing pictures that force you to look at every detail and then he tells the story with words that keep you reading. With Selznick’s books, you find yourself flipping back and forth between pages, wondering what you didn’t see.

In The Year I Turned Sixteen, I found how much I love big, chunky paperbacks. It sounds weird, I know. But seriously, with this book, it’s like you’re holding four different, amazing lives in a big stack of paper! Do you ever realize how much ink could be in a book?!?! It’s crazy if you think about how much is in a book. Stories, life, ink, paper, etc. I especially love the way that the stories of these four girls are written. It’s like a journal but with less personalization in it, and more…..PIZZAZZ. With journals, there’s no chapters, there’s just entry after entry. It gets boring. I like the feeling of getting to a new chapter. It’s like you’re in a really awesome race, and every now and then you get a drink of ice cold water. Especially if the chapter ends at the top of the next page, and it leaves you on a cliff hanger! And guess who came around corner? 

Drum roll please…..Deb Caletti! I love her books so much! They just pull you in, and you can’t stop reading! You cannot put them down! You can definitely see the pattern in the character set up. One parent, 15-16 year old girl. There’s always some guy, or something she’s running from. Has friends she leaves behind without warning. I’ve only read two of her books, so I’m not going too far with this one. But long story short, I got to meet Deb Caletti! She came to my school, and she had a little speech about herself and her life. Barnes & Noble was there and I bought one of her books. I’m a Distinguished Reader at my school so that’s why I was there after school. I kinda got to meet her, and she signed my copy of Stay. So that was pretty awesome.

Next, The Girl Who Drank the Moon. Now, the first thing people think when they hear or see the name of this book is Did she really drink the moon? How did she drink the moon? If you’re reading this book in public people see the cover and ask those questions. It can get kind of annoying. I answer with, either, read it and you’ll find out (for the rude ones), or, I’ll explain that she didn’t really drink the moon, she drank moonlight, which is dangerous. What I loved most about this book is that in between every few chapters, the setting would change. With this set up, the reader is forced to keep reading in order to know what will happen the next time the setting changes. There are times when you’re left on a cliff hanger, and times when you don’t care about this setting, and instead you’re rushing to the next one.

Finally, Crenshaw. This is the most recent one I’ve read. I absolutely loved this book. When you’re reading it, you get the feeling that your own version of Crenshaw is sitting right next to you, reading over your shoulder. I really liked the personality of the main character, I’ve never read a book like this one. I think it’s truly unique. It has a good twist of childhood carelessness and adulthood problems.

I hope this comes in handy when you’re checking out a book.  Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

-Krafty Kira


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