Inspired to Learn Photography

Ok so, umm maybe once a month I can manage to get a new blog post up πŸ˜†. It’s the holidays though, and I’ve got to give myself some slack!

It is the best time to take photographs of the kids and with family. I have been busy taking all the photos, not always getting in them, but there are a few with me too. It is s important to get mom in the picture too! And so difficult to get Dad to cooperate and smileπŸ˜‘. I got him though! I may not share here but he smiled big. I’ll leave it at that.

My phone camera has not been keeping up lately and when I mentioned to a friend about learning how to use my Nikon DSLR camera, she recommended I check out clickinmoms. So I did …and it’s fabulous! I’ve learned more in one week than I think I have in the past seven years that I’ve had the Nikon (Ouch, seven seriously Keoma?!) Yes 7. πŸ˜”

So I’ve got this great camera and all these great kids to photograph, I have another busy year ahead of me. Here is a sneak peek of Malina by our Christmas tree eating waffles!

What gets you inspired to photograph?


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