battle black blur board game
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Okay! Our YouTube channel is now up and running! There are literally like four stop motion videos on it by Krafty Kiera. The little kids helped me make all of the Lego ones. That was fun, but like usual, it took FOREVER! All of the kids stayed and helped with the first part, and then the littlest two went and played with something else because they were bored, then they came back at the end to help. They all had fun though. That’s all that matters.

There was a few that I did by myself: ‘I AM BATMAN and I drink tea’ ‘How to draw’ ‘Cuddly the Cactus’ and ‘How to Set up Chess’ all by Krafty Kiera. These videos, for the most part, are about 6 seconds to 1:47 long. Not very long at all. But they’re still cute!

We are not sure when we’re going to start our Vlog but for now it’ll be just Krafty Kiera putting stop motion on there. Enjoy!

Krafty Kiera



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